Cole’s 1st

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Cole turned one. I can’t believe my baby turned ONE! I said that I wasn’t going to do much… but then next thing you know I am painting walls and making life-size props for the backyard. I don’t even know Martha Stewart yet I always feel this pressure from her to do better. Don’t buy the cake, Emily… you can MAKE the cake. Don’t buy the favors, Emily… You can MAKE the favors. Cut to Cole’s first birthday.. it’s 1:45… guests are arriving… my hair is wet and all I have had time to consume at this point is coffee and Cole’s leftovers. The decorations aren’t completely set up, the food isn’t set up and I am trying not to be annoyed as some guests are at the house 15 mins early. When I say 2 p.m. I mean it! Not a minute early, people! I kid, I kid… But a mom can get a lot done in 15 minutes (at least in my mind ;)) Enjoy the pics – I don’t feel like I took nearly enough – some were even taken the next day because I realized I had not taken any of Cole by the props I made! img_3423 img_3442 img_3451 img_3453 img_3460 img_3517 img_3617 img_5346 img_5359 img_5401 img_5408 img_5410 img_5430 img_5458

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