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the. best. thanksgiving. ever.

hands down.


I have always wanted to go away with my family for Thanksgiving. We have talked about it for the past few years but for some reason it just didn’t happen. but this year IT DID!


We have been going to Door County, WI every year for as long as I can remember. So when we were planning our trip, DC was a shoo-in.

Being able to share such a special place with my husband and my son makes my heart so happy. The memories that we have in this place are so dear to my heart. We have home videos from when we were little and staying at my uncle’s cabin. It overlooked the water and honestly, it was pretty small; but somehow we all managed to fit. And we loved it… every minute of it.

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As an adult I am more grateful than ever for the memories I share with my family. And although as a child I’m sure I wasn’t always so fond of some family traditions (matching pjs every year – I bet there was a time when I wasn’t into it) as an adult I am overwhelmed with happiness and gosh darn it I am proud to wear those matching jams!


So here’s to starting new family traditions and keeping the old. [and to hoping Cole warms up to the whole matching pjs thing sooner rather than later]

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