my p e r f e c t morning

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Last night Mitch and I went on a date.

The first one in a few months. We know how important these date nights are – to reconnect without having to worry about what Cole is getting into or if he is hungry, tired etc etc…. We aim to try and go on a date once a month – LOL. I laugh because it usually averages out to once every three months.

We’ve got some work to do.

We know the importance of having a solid marriage and making sure that Cole see his parents in love. So we are constantly working to make sure we are setting that example.

And yes, I say working because marriage is WORK. And hard work at that.

Trust me when I say there are many days when we want to kill each other. (I mean that in the most loving way possible – haha)

So yes, I love date nights.. I LOVE having my man all to myself. It’s TOTALLY necessary. That time together is precious. But I LOVE being together as a family, too. It’s funny because I always say how I need more time to myself and then when I get it all I can think about is Cole. When I’m away I miss him so much.

So this morning we got to spend time just relaxing together as a family and

it. was. perfect.

He had a late night so he is napping now but we got to steal some cuddles in our bed this morning.

We gotta get them when we can because this kid is [s u c h] a wiggle worm.

I’d say we got a solid five minutes. HAHA! Oh boy, I hope my babe will learn to be a better cuddler.

I will say at night before bed when Cole is getting his bottle he is super cuddly.

And that is the only reason he still gets a bottle at nighttime. Because I can’t lose that special time with him just yet. Call me selfish but I am trying to hold onto those moments for as long as possible.

So now I sit here… Cole is asleep… the house is quiet… and I look out the window to see the first snowfall.

I will be here – cuddled up in bed with my coffee as I watch the snowflakes dance through he sky 🙂


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