A casual Christmas

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Who gets super fancy for Christmas?

Pretty dresses and heels?

I DO love to dress up but most of the time were pretty casual and this look is perfect for a casual Christmas. This would also be perfect for anyone that lives in a bit of a warmer area.

Here in Chicago this probably wouldn’t fly haha.

Im wearing some of my favorite pieces here.

These faux leather leggings may look familiar from the 5,000 times I have worn them before.

Same with these boots.

I’ve had both the boots and the leggings for about 4 years now and they’ve got a lot of life left in them!

The faux fur stole easily adds a little flare to any outfit – and warmth, too!

And this hat from GIGIPIP adds the perfect pop of color. Get it HERE.

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Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



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