DIY coffee filter flowers!

Hey Guys!

Welcome back 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you a DIY that I did to get my home feeling a little more springy.

So I had seen this picture on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram. If you’re not familiar with Joanna well…. then….. we can’t be friends. Jk, Jk but if you’re not familiar with her have you been living under a rock?! She and her husband Chip are home decor geniuses, house flippers, bakery owners, awesome parents (hi, can you adopt me?) and just amazing people (because I know them, right? ha).

So this pic was the inspo…

So… WOW. Now you’re going to see what I did and be like ummmm ok…. looks nothing like your inspo… k, bye.

But it’s an inspiration picture so it’s not meant to be identical. And quite honestly I didn’t want to spend half a year hand crafting paper flowers.

So I scaled it down a bit and and got working.

Sidenote: We will be making the big flowers. All of the small flowers I purchased at Target on clearance! The Moss is from Hobby Lobby.

What you will need:

Coffee Filters (9 makes three flowers)

Paint and paint brushes (I used goache or you can use watercolors)



and that’s literally all you need.

Easy Peasy!

So first you take you coffee filters in groups of three and fold them in half. Now you are going to draw half of a flower shape like the picture below…

Next cut them out and keep them in groups of three.

Now the fun begins!

Take whatever color paint you want and start painting! Now I made sure the paint I used was very watered down because I wanted a more watercolor effect. I used a more opaque consistency of paint on the edge of the petals and also added in brown because I wanted them to be a dustier pink. They still turned out pretty bright so I think next time I’ll lighten up the pink and add even more brown.

Next you hang them to dry. I used clothespins and hung them upside down from the middle point. ++ I actually loved how they looked like this and even considered leaving them this way!

Once they are dry you can make stacks of three. Then I kind of just twisted them all together and taped them up on the wall!

Voila! The finished project. If you try this I hope you enjoy and it brings a springy vibe to your home!



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