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So as some of you may know I made my first purchase from recently. I just received it the other day so I decided to do a review on it. Let me start off by saying I was pretty skeptical at first because everything is SUPER cheap. And it seems like they are always having a sale. But some of the deals were too good to pass up so I went for it.

The Website is a global fashion retailer (as they say on their site). So¬†when you first go to the site it defaults to the British¬†version. Not only will the currency be in the British pounds but some items offered on the British version may not be available in the USA. For instance, I went to the site to look for mules (see my post about mules HERE). I had found some that I was going to mention in my blog but I did not realize that I was on the British version. When I switched back to the US version of the site, those mules that I had wanted were not showing up – meaning they were not available to buyers in the US. So, when you first go to the site, make sure that you change the currency FIRST. That way you will not fall in love with something that you won’t be able to get.

Boohoo website currency

So up in the left hand corner you will click the drop down arrow to change it to your desired currency. sale

Also, you will see a countdown on the homepage of the website. I am assuming they have this at all times because it seems like they are always running a sale of some sort (which is awesome). BUT don’t be fooled. I mean, it is a real sale, so that is great BUT the countdown is not accurate. It is more a scheme to get you to check out quickly. They definitely got me with that one. It said I only had 45 mins before the sale ended so I checked out super fast because I did not want to forget about the items in my cart and then remember an hour later and have the sale be over (ya know, I have that mom brain – always distracted by something else). So I checked out and felt great that I made it in time before the end of the sale. Well later on that same day I went back to the website and the countdown was still there for the SAME sale. So I was a little annoyed but I guess you can’t be that annoyed when you’re saving money. Just know that if you think you’re going to miss the sale – you won’t.

The shipping

Shipping costs at

The shipping at is pretty good. Their lowest shipping price is $6 and it is called Super Saver Shipping but I’ve seen them offering free shipping multiple times on their website with a promo code. When I ordered I did the Super Saver. I placed my order on a Friday night (3/31) and I received my order 8 days later (4/8) which is not bad at all. I believe that they advertise their super saver shipping to be 8-10 business days so this actually came much sooner than I anticipated.

The quality

So you know the saying “you get what you pay for.” I believe that to be true. When I received my order from Boohoo I was actually pretty impressed. Everything looked much better than what I was expecting. I had ordered a pair of sunglasses. I think I got them for $4. So I’m thinking, Ok.. these probably won’t last long and they’re probably not going to look as cute as they do online – yada, yada, yada but wow! Of course you can tell that they’re not $300 sunglasses but they look really good! The plastic is sturdy – not the flimsy kind that you would probably expect. The color is super cute (a pale pink) – exactly what I was hoping for! I also ordered a couple necklaces that look ADORABLE and much more expensive than they are (I think I spent $10 total on the two of them). I got a couple shirts and the bathing suit that I had mentioned back in my swimsuit post. The bathing suit is actually what I was most nervous about and it is SO STINKIN CUTE. The cups are shaped and they’re a little big (story of my life haha) but everything else fits perfect. I maybe could have gone down a size but I was nervous that it would have been too small so I’m fine with my decision to size up.

The Sizing

This is where online shopping gets hard – because things ALWAYS fit differently depending on where you buy from. I have bought from places where my “size” was super small but I have also had the exact opposite happen. I am a pretty true size 6. When I ordered from Boohoo I think I ordered everything one size up. There are a couple of things I could have probably sized down for but I’m pretty happy overall that I went one size up. In my opinion I feel like if something is a tad big you can work with it – maybe even get it altered but if it’s too small there’s really no way to make that work. If it is a more flowy dress or top I would say get your normal size. But if it is something that is form fitted I would go one size up.

Overall Opinion

If I had to give an overall rating it would be an A. I am pretty impressed so far. Now I have not worn any of the clothing items yet so I can’t really talk on how they wear or the longevity of the items but maybe in a month or so I can do an update. I would totally order from them again and actually can’t wait to do so!

Let me know if you end up getting anything from Boohoo.

I would love to hear about your experience.




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