Target collab with Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham and Target Collab!

I always love when Target does collabs with designers.

Like many other women out there – I love fashion but like, I have to love it from a distance. I can’t afford to be spending hundreds of dollars on a bag or shoes – especially when I have a little babe. So when a designer joins forces with an affordable store like Target it is THRILLING!

If you are not familiar with Victoria Beckham then I suggest you get out from under that rock you’ve been living under. haha jk… (kinda). A quick bio: Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl (Posh Spice to be exact), married David Beckham, is a style icon, business woman and fashion designer.

When I first saw the promo ads for this collection I was pretty excited. I would describe this collection as whimsy meets the 70s which is like, perfection in my eyes. The colors, patterns and silhouettes are all reminiscent of the grooviest decade in history. The 70s might be my favorite decade. There were SO MANY pieces that I was drawn to but I mean, we have a mortgage to pay and a baby to feed so I snatched up a few of my fav pieces (but I might go back and get a couple more… shh… don’t tell my husband).

Black and white stripe scallop midi skirt

I saw this on the promo ad and had to have it. This skirt does have a matching shirt but they did not have my size so I just got the skirt. That is another great thing about this collection – there are so many separates and interchangeable pieces so you can mix and match. This skirt is so fun and flirty. The fabric is a thicker fabric so it is very flattering and feels like it holds everything in (just what I look for in a skirt – ha!)

Target Victoria Beckham black and white scallop midi skirt

Women’s blush floral jacquard bomber jacket

I love bomber jackets. They’re so versatile. You can throw it over a dress or over a tshirt and jeans. I tell ya, the quality of this jacket is great – thick fabric and the embroidery is beautiful. This jacket comes in the blush color and mint (I believe). And there are other matching separates as well.

victoria beckham floral embroidered bomber jacet

Fuchsia Twill flared trouser and matching tank top

I love this set. The pants fit perfectly – the length is great (I would like them a tad longer but I always have an issue with pants being short on me) and the color is super fun – perfect for summertime.

Target Victoria Beckham Fushcia twill flare trouser and matching twill tank top

Bee print button down top

I love this top SO MUCH (ok, you get it…. I love everything). The pattern on this top is seriously so cute and it is the perfect top to throw on with jeans. It is so crisp and flattering. CRISP!

Victoria Beckham Bee print button down top

SOOOO those are the items I got. Seriously though, there are SO many cute pieces. And my absolute favorite part about the collection is that she has coordinating pieces for young girls and babies. I am not kidding – if I had a baby girl I would have bought everything. I am still thinking about going back and buying some pieces just in case I ever do. She has floral two piece outfits, rompers, cute little two piece scallop set to match with mom’s scallop skirt, a gray sweater two piece bunny outfit….uhhhhhh I can go on. So adorable. If you’re reading this and have a little girl – STOP READING THIS AND GO TO TARGET!

She also has the most adorable little coloring books inspired by alice in wonderland. They’re so pretty I literally wouldn’t let anyone color in them…. ever.

So if you couldn’t tell – I’m a fan. Small fan. not obsessed or anything…

I would love to hear if anyone else bought any pieces. Especially if you have a baby girl! I want to swoon over those cute baby outfits!

Have a good night y’all!



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