Unicorn Frappuccino Review

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Unicorn Frappuccino

unicorn frappuccino starbucks

Ya… It’s true. And when I first heard about it I rolled my eyes and thought “what a gimmick.” Yet here I am – Unicorn Frappuccino in hand. I was honestly a little embarrassed to order this because I am a straight up coffee girl and I was pretty convinced that I was going to hate it.

I am not a huge fan of fruity things. I prefer chocolate over candy like skittles or starburst. So, naturally, I was like ya… I am probably not going to like this at all.

So, I order – I get the order.

Mine was melting already from the moment they handed it to me – which is weird because it’s not like it’s scorching hot here in the midwest.

So she hands me the frap (for those of you that don’t know that’s the cool shortened way to say “frappuccino” – you’re welcome) and I was expecting like, rainbows to come pouring out of it. I thought that glitter would be exploding from the top. That didn’t happen. I’m totally kidding haha. But to be honest this drink has gotten SO MUCH attention that I kind of was expecting a lot.

So let’s put our unrealistic expectations aside and really talk about it.

Like I said, mine was pretty melty already – So, that makes me wonder if they have a bunch of these premade already because they know they are going to be getting a lot of orders for these today?

I’m not sure. But other than that it is a very pretty drink. The purple color with the bright blue syrup is a unicorn lovers dream. On top of the whipped cream they sprinkle pink, blue and purple sprinkles which definitely adds to the fantasy-like presentation.

Now the moment of truth… the taste test.

And I was pleasantly surprised. Which was a TOTAL shock to me. I really thought this was going to be disgusting. Now I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite – but is it a fun drink to have one time? It sure is. It is a great combination of fruity, creamy and tangy. If you are a fruity kind of person than I’m sure you will love this. For instance, my husband LOVES fruity candy, fruity cereal, his favorite ice cream is Superman so this is totally up his alley. And I would pay to see my tatooed, marine vet husband walk into a Starbucks and order a Unicorn Frappuccino (haha!) but there’s no need because I am saving him half of mine 🙂 Ya, wife of the year over here – saving her husband sloppy seconds of her melty starbucks drink.

The final verdict

unicorn frappuccino starbucks

If you’re at all intrigued or interested I would say try it! It is only around until April 23rd so you don’t have forever. It definitely is a specific taste but it isn’t horrible and that’s saying a lot coming from a coffee girl like me.

Let me know if you try it and what your thoughts are. I hope it satisfies your little unicorn tastebuds 🙂



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