KKW x Kylie Cosmetics review

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KKW x Kylie review

KKW Kylie cosmetics creme liquid lipstick

I am sure most of you guys know Kylie Cosmetics by now. It is Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand that launched about a year or two ago.

I tried a few products of hers when the company first launched and I wasn’t that impressed. I have been intrigued with other items that she has come out with but they sell out so quickly and nothing has interested me that much for me to try to and snatch up an item on the launch date.


KKW x Kylie unboxed
KKW x Kylie unboxed

When I heard that the KKW x Kylie collection was coming out I was intrigued. Especially because it was apparently a new formula/item that has not been previously available on the site before. They advertise them as Creme liquid lipsticks so I was verrrry interested. I like liquid lipsticks but some of my favorite lip products are the NYX soft matte cremes and the Colorpop cosmetics ultra satin lips. I was really hoping the formula would be similar to either one of those. So let’s go through and break it down.

The Online Purchase Experience

I had never purchased anything from the Kylie Cosmetics website before myself. My husband had actually bought me makeup from there when some new items were launching and was only able to get a couple things because the website kept freezing. He is so sweet. So I didn’t really know what this process was going to be like with this collection launching. Because yes, I bought it on the launch date and was on there right when the product dropped (4/25 @ 5pm chicago time). I was able to add the product to my cart no problem but then when I went to checkout it took me to a “holding” page of sorts telling me not to refresh my page or I would lose my spot in line. I was probably on that holding page for 5-10 mins and then was able to complete my purchase. I think this process has gotten a lot better for Kylie’s site. I remember reading negative reviews before because in the beginning her site was crashing a lot but it seems like they have stepped it up.

The Shipping time

So I purchased the KKW x Kylie lip collection on April 25th when it launched and received it today, May 4th. I did not think that I was even going to get it this soon because on the website it says it takes however many business days for processing and then shipping takes another handful of business days (it seemed like a ridiculous amount of time); So, I was not expecting to get this for awhile. I am not sure if shipping for normal products is as long or if they just give you a super long estimate of time for special items? Not sure but I was surprised and excited I received it today.

The Packaging

The packaging, of course, is super sleek and clean. It is all matte nude/pink color with KKW in big letters and just beneath it says, “by Kylie Cosmetics”. I love the packaging. When you pull the box out of its sleeve you will find all 4 shades displayed in the cardboard insert. The packaging on the creme liquid lipsticks is equally beautiful. Of course on the tube there are the signature drips in, what else, nude. The top is matte and nude as well. Overall the packaging is really well done.

The Colors

Ok, so… I’m not gonna lie. I really had high expectations for this product. I LOVE nudes but as we all know, it can be hard to find that perfect one. I thought for sure in a collection with all nude colors I would fall in love with at least one of them. But no. Now I’m not saying that these are ugly colors – they are very pretty; however, I LOVE nudes with more of a pink undertone and NONE of these are that. Definitely more of that orangey, peachy, brown-y nude is what you will find here. My two favorites would be Kiki and Kimmie because those two do seem to have a touch more of a rose colored undertone but I honestly was pretty disappointed that the nudes weren’t more diverse. Honestly, two of the shades look almost identical on my lips (you will see that in the pictures). Will I wear these? Yes, probably. I will totally give them another shot – maybe the colors will grow on me. But my first impression with the colors was not the best. I am very fair though so maybe if I had a bit of a tan I would like these shades a little more.

KKW kylie cosmetics swatches
My pale hand haha!

The Formula and Wearability

I had mentioned up top that I was hoping these were similar to the NYX soft matte lip cremes or the colorpop ultra satin lip. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I swatched these I was surprised as to how thin they were. You definitely need to apply a couple of coats to get an even application. They’re not super hard to work with but you do have to put a little effort into making sure they’re blended out. Once it is on it is very comfortable. They’re not sticky at all but be warned that these do not dry all the way. They do seem to fade after about an hour of wearing them but the color never completely leaves your lips. You will always have a little left behind but if you want that full color payoff after that initial application, you will have to reapply quite frequently.

The Verdict

Overall, I think these are OK. Would I purchase them again? Probably not. I was pretty underwhelmed. The main deal-breaker for me was the color selection. If ANY of these were in a color I LOVED with a little more of a pink undertone then I probably would repurchase because I don’t mind the formula. So if you are someone that likes nudes with peachy, brown undertones than you could very well love these. But at just over $10/lipstick it wasn’t worth it for me.


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