The Perfect Father’s Day gift

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Wow, can you believe that Father’s day is this weekend?!?

I can’t. I seriously can’t.

I am usually a last minute kind of girl but this year I found THE PERFECT Father’s Day gift for my hubs.


And yes, I gave it to him early because I was just too excited to wait another week. Plus, we had my brother’s college graduation this past weekend (Congrats Ben!) and I thought it would be the perfect time to wear it. (Perfect TIME… see what I did there…)

My husband is a pretty simple guy. He doesn’t need a lot to be happy (That’s one of the things I love about him). But this year I really wanted to give him something that I knew he would love and that he would never buy for himself because he never buys nice things for himself. He’s always putting his family first – what a guy!

I feel like watches are a pretty good gift but I wanted to get him something a little more unique. When I came across Jord Watches I was like, “YES!” Their wood watches are absolutely stunning. They’re super different than anything I’ve seen before and that’s why I wanted to go with this kind of watch for Mitch.

men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, engraved gift, Jord watch

When I got the watch in the mail I was seriously blown away.

First of all, the packaging that the watch comes in…. I was like, “whaaaaaaaattttt?!”

men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, engraved gift, Jord watchmen's watch, unique watch, cool watch, engraved gift, Jord watch

The coolest wood box with a magnetic top. It also has a drawer on the bottom with a humidity control pack for the watch. Ummm, ok… can we say above and beyond? Not only that but it comes with an oil pen and cleaning cloth so that you can properly condition and care for the wood. Of course, they put an extra link and additional cleaning cloth for the face of the watch as well. Dude, seriously…. I was super pumped about the watch itself but then when I saw how it came I felt like I was wife of the year or something.

If your man is not a typical buttoned up type of guy, maybe a little more rugged, then you need to get this watch for him. I can’t tell you how much Mitch loves this watch. Not only because of how unique it is but it is SUPER light. He doesn’t like to wear a lot of jewelry or anything so he loves the fact that this watch isn’t heavy.

So the watch I got is the Frankie Series. I liked the dark wood with the gray face – super sharp. Here is the link to the exact watch I gave Mitch: HERE


men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, engraved gift, Jord watch

And now that I know just how awesome these watches are I’m like, dropping subtle hints because ummm my birthday is right around the corner and their women’s watches are to die for.

See for yourself… WOMEN’S WATCHES

What’s even cooler is that Jord is running a contest right now for a $100 gift card to their shop. All you have to do it enter here: CONTEST and even for just entering you get a $25 gift card to their shop. The contest closes July 2nd so hurry up and enter!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!





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