Thrifty Thursday!

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How’s everyone doing? Hope you all are well! Today is busy, busy, busy because tomorrow morning we are leaving for our little weekend trip. I am SO excited! So today we’ve been running around (chicken in tow… If you don’t know what I’m referring to check out my instagram). We still have to pack and clean the house. Blah.


If you know me… you know I like to get a bargain. I get it from my mama. She taught us to never pay full price for anything. I mean, of course there are some things that are worth splurging on but I am totally a sucker for a good deal. Which leads me to….


I LOVE going to the thrift store. I have found SO MANY amazing things and it is just so fun to see what people get rid of. Almost every time I go to the thrift store it’s a walk down memory lane because of some of the old toys, books, movies + clothes that I stumble across.

I feel like people don’t really know or understand the kind of gems you can find.

Now, like I said, there are some things that are worth splurging on… A leather jacket, a nice bag, a pair of boots… the STAPLES of your closet.

But a lot of the other stuff you can find for a discount.

So today I wanted to show you some of the items that I got and how I would style them. I call this thrifty Thursday and am very tempted to make this a weekly blog post!

Calvin Klein sweater dress $3.50

I feel like I always have to add a little edginess to my outfits. So here I added a faux leather jacket and knee high boots. Such a cute outfit for fall!

calvin klein dress

Floral Midi skirt with pockets $3

So for this I really wanted to keep it youthful because I feel like this type of skirt could easily become “old” looking. I decided to pair it with a white tee and Converse for an effortlessly cool look.

Zara dress $5

This is such an easy summer dress so I just decided to add a belt and these super cute wedges 🙂

Plaid wool skirt $4

This skirt was giving me all the 60s vibes so I thought it would pair perfectly with a Beatles tee. I added faux fur mules to finish it off!

Beaded Bustier $2

This is easily my favorite piece. I could NOT believe how cheap I got this. The entire thing is beaded. It is SO beautiful and super fun. When I saw this I knew exactly how I wanted to wear this – with ripped jeans and black heels. This is the perfect date night outfit and I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with it. This is what I’m talking about people… $2. I just don’t know what to say.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the items I picked up. I’m telling you – grab some friends and go to the thrift store. Sometimes you really have to do some digging but roll up your sleeves and get in there and you are bound to go home with some treasures 🙂



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