I’m an Oldie

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I came to a realization this weekend.

I can’t hang.

I am officially an


We had a few friends over this weekend and man, I was out of commission all day yesterday and today I feel like a sloth. I am trying to find the energy.

And the thing is – it’s not like it was a raging party or anything. We had a nice night around the bonfire – talking and having a couple drinks. I was even drinking water in between the couple drinks I had.

And I still felt like I got hit by a truck the next day.

I think the killer was that we didn’t get to bed until like, 2 am. I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up that late. This is really going to make me sound old but literally Mitch and I go to bed at like 10. the latest. even on weekends. Does that make us the biggest losers around? I mean, we wake up very early and usually hit the ground running. On the weekends, if it’s nice out, we are outside shortly after we wake up – going to the park or going on walks or going for a drive, doing yard work, running errands, hanging with fam etc etc. So usually by the time 10 pm comes around we’re wiped. So staying up that late is a true struggle for me.

And don’t you know – the next morning Cole decided to wake up extra early – just to make sure mom and dad were hurtin’ even more. haha! Go figure…

It’s all good though. We had SO much fun with our friends and I totally think that a fun night with good company is worth the pain of the next day. Good laughs and good convos are good for the soul.

An even though I will totally admit I am an oldie..

ya know what they say,

“an oldie but a goodie.”



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